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Welcome to Green Street Dental Practice. The practice has been offering outstanding dental care to the local community for the last sixty years, both on the NHS and privately. Feel free to explore our website and contact us for any further information.





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We regret,that our Dental Practice has now lost a full time Dentist, and we have no plans to replace this Dentist in the near future.


As a result of this,waiting times for appointments will increase and our capacity to provide emergency treatment,will be reduced.


Emergency appointments here,will only be provided for extreme pain or those who have swelling.All minor emergencies,must be booked as a general appointment.


Also we will only be able to see,regulat patients,at our Practice and no lapsed,or new Patients,unless our bookings reduce,or we have any cancellations.


We do have quite a high rate of missed appointments,which we feel will impact,on the amount of Patients we can see.

Our existing policy is that,Patients get 3 chances and then we cannot see them here again.


We are afraid, that in the future,this will have to change,if for any reason you cannot attend your appointment,please contact us as soon as possible,or we may have to refuse future treatment here.


We would like to apologise for this situation,and hope you can be patient with us,during this transition as we do aim,to provide our Patients with the best care we possibly can.


Last updated 24.07.2012

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